De Zuid

  • Where: ‘Zuidelijk havenhoofd’/Norfolk location in Port of Scheveningen
  • What: 400 dwellings, 3,800 m2 of commercial space, 400 parking spaces
  • Phase: Under construction / development and partly realised
  • Six sub-plans: ZuidDuin, ZuidHaven, ZuidHof, ZuidKade, ZuidBaai, ZuidZicht
  • ZuidDuin has been realised
  • ZuidHaven is under development

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With the departure of Norfolkline to Vlaardingen, a large site was released on the southern side of the Port of Scheveningen. Since 2008, a vision has been worked on for the development of this part, which has ultimately led to an urban development plan.

In this plan, the fishing industry is given the opportunity of expanding its activities on the ‘Noordelijk Havenhoofd’, around the ‘First Port’. On the south side is the Third Port, where Norfolk was located. An energetic area is being developed here for living, working and relaxing, under the name ‘De Zuid’. Approximately 400 homes will be built at De Zuid.

Over the coming years, ‘De Zuid’ will be realised in several phases in collaboration with ‘VORM Ontwikkeling’. The construction of the first ZuidDuin sub-plan has already been realised. This plan consists of 85 apartments (52 owner-occupied apartments and 33 free sector rental properties) with a view of the sea, beach and dunes and 14 single-family homes in the sheltered, traffic-free inner area. The construction of the ZuidHaven sub-plan will start soon. Check the De Zuid website for information about all sub-plans.

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